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I have a passion for high-tech product and corporate development. Founder of two startups and President of three corporate turnarounds, including past CEO of two NASDAQ companies, VP Development for a $2bn+ enterprise, I’ve had the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills across a wide range of cultures.

As a corporate leader, I have a passion for setting vision and strategy. I enjoy culture and team development and have the ability to get people to work together. I’m skilled in process development, accounting, sales, marketing and customer service with a customer loyalty metric. I enjoy challenges and difficult problems and can execute with little supervision.

As a product owner, I've created three franchises: Wildcat! BBS Suite, Mustang Message Center and EventMingle. When it comes to product development I’ve done traditional software development, Waterfall and Agile where I’m a certified ScrumMaster. In the Bimodal IT world I have managed teams focusing on both mode 1 and 2 systems and understand the challenges of teaching mode 2 principles to institutional IT developers who only know mode 1 methods and their challenges to move to extreme programming velocity.

I truly enjoy product development, working with developers and customers to drive adoption so I'm happiest leading lean start-up principles including building MVP and applying customer development principles using alpha and beta teams.  In recent years I’ve focused on modernizing operating platforms within an IT Team.  The chance to move from enterprise software development to leading an internal IT development shop for two years was an awesome experience for me to grow and learn the challenges faced by enterprises today. Prior years, I focused on creating and building Enterprise Software SaaS solutions for the B2B market primarily, including a professional services delivery component. I also have experience in Cloud, SaaS, Enterprise, Retail/Consumer, Social Media and Mobile Applications. I enjoy mentoring and teaching, though I like to think I’m also learning and developing from others.


  • Application Development, Enterprise, SaaS and Mobile. 
  • Product Management (All gates: Ideation, MVP, Alpha/Beta, GA)
  • Agile Software Development Management, Scrum Expert (CSM)
  • Lean User Experience (UX) Mentor
  • Bimodal IT (Mode 1 & 2 Team Development)
  • Strategic Planning & Execution with a focus on delivery

Organizational Development:

  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Situational Leadership II Instructor
  • Change Leadership/Management

I'm currently seeking a new challenge and would love to speak to you. Feel free to contact me via my Contact Us page.

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