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01 March 2012

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I enjoy going all in on my work and friends often ask if I have any hobbies. I feel in love with Dog training at an… https://t.co/ipIYhClgwU

@AshleyHomeStore Actually you didn’t offer much help at all, but I do appreciate the store manager issued a full re… https://t.co/chbpl15clk

RT @Morrolantv: Last stream of 2021! They're playing that new year's song in Everfall, it's pretty cute #NewWorldMMO https://t.co/SdcMxwX…

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2022. #cocopup https://t.co/8Jm1WdxqZQ

Be careful purchasing anything from @AshleyHomeStore. You can't trust any of their delivery dates and their call ce… https://t.co/ObRkc0BFSx

RT @Morrolantv: HUGE patch on #NewWorldMMO today - major bugfixes, nerfs, a shift in the meta, new avenues of progression, cozy winter even…

@jeffhollan Best use of Zoom I’ve ever read.

@FedEx, @FedExHelp - What is up with your Tacoma WA station? The past MONTH has been very painful, everything is 3-… https://t.co/9AcqTccWwG

@Enterprise Car Rental strands our friend and family of 7 on vacation. Please share! https://t.co/KljifRsTdw @Enterprise Please fix this.

@jeffhollan Congratulations
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