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01 March 2012

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@jeffhollan Best use of Zoom I’ve ever read.

@FedEx, @FedExHelp - What is up with your Tacoma WA station? The past MONTH has been very painful, everything is 3-… https://t.co/9AcqTccWwG

@Enterprise Car Rental strands our friend and family of 7 on vacation. Please share! https://t.co/KljifRsTdw @Enterprise Please fix this.

@jeffhollan Congratulations

@comcastbusiness Our customers have not been able to reach us for 4 hours now. Calls to our business are not even… https://t.co/zYGsvYmoRx

BIG WIN! Gartner recognizes Microsoft as a leader in enterprise integration https://t.co/My1HaC4sLc

@OOMA has the WORST possible customer support I've ever experienced. Do not use this company, it's impossible to ca… https://t.co/5pjTYEqLVh

RT @StephenWThomas: I am currently looking for a new project! If you need any #BizTalk, #Azure Integration, or #LogicApp (@logicappsio ) h…

My @Costco @Citibank Visa card was compromised on 1/12 and I still have not received the new card. If it was… https://t.co/GWX39LDhoy
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